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Welcome to

The Playful Family Community Center

Play. Connect. Grow. 

Image of a dad playing with children in the center.

What we do...

The Playful Family Community Center empowers parents to play their way through the challenges of raising children by simplifying the science behind what helps families connect and thrive. Our vision is to create a comprehensive family wellness center that focuses on play, connection, and parental self-awareness to empower families to thrive. There are many play spaces to choose from, however here we will encourage you as a caregiver to engage in play, crafts, and community to build upon an everlasting connection with your child.

We accomplish this by using evidence-based and science-based strategies that foster children's development and by addressing the protective factors that influence a parent’s ability to successfully care for their children through our P.R.O.M.I.S.E. (Parenting, Referrals, Outreach, Mental Wellness, Independent Living Skills, Social Support, & Enrichment).

But most importantly, we provide a welcoming and inclusive space for families of all types and abilities to play, connect, and HAVE FUN!

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