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About Us

Your Family is in Great Hands!

Printable Chart explaining the Core Values of The Playful Family.

Our Vision

Our vision at The Playful Family is to empower parents to play their way through the challenges of raising children by simplifying the science behind what helps families thrive and to build a comprehensive Family Wellness & recreation center that focuses on play, connection, & self- awareness.

Franchescka Kephart, M Ed.
TBRI Practitioner
CEO, The Playful Family, Inc.

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Franchescka Kephart, M Ed.

TBRI Practitioner

CEO & Founder, The Playful Family, Inc.

Nilsa Bibiloni

Treasurer, MPH,

Retired USN

Michelle Adams

Behavioral Health Clinical Director, LCSW

Braveheart Counseling

Andria Bannister

Esq, Partnership for Child Health

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Lorian Moreu

Playground Coordinator

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