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The Playful Playground Vision

The Playful Family, Inc. has a vision of creating an indoor play space for children that is sensory rich, attachment friendly, and appeals to their holistic development.  The playground will include areas for physical play and movement to activate their internal and external senses.  Additionally, themed areas for imaginative play will be created to allow for social skills development and the beginning of behavioral self-regulation and connection. The playground will be appropriate for ages birth to 6 years old, but all ages are welcome.  The facility will also offer enrichment classes for families such as music, movement classes, sensory playdates, story time, infant massage, and other fun activities.  

The Playful Playground is also a space where parents can interact with their children and practice being silly, engaging, relatable, and FUN! Connection is the beginning for all behavioral regulation, attachment, trust, and healthy development.  At The Playful Family, Inc. we hope to help parents excel in these areas and consequently, their families are stronger than ever before.  Events for parents will also be held periodically and consist of educational classes, wellness events, and opportunities for social networking.

This facility will also serve as The Playful Family, Inc.'s main office.  We are working diligently to make this vision a reality in Northwest St Johns County.  If you are interested in helping or donating, please contact us at or Donate via the button above.

Coming Soon!!

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