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This private 3-3.5 hour course will provide you with the knowledge to navigate your birth experience with ease. Recommended between 28 to 32 weeks of pregnancy, however all are welcome to attend. During this session we will cover in-depth information about labor and includes hand-on practice of laboring positions and partner support to include:

  • Preparing for Labor

  • Creating a birth team (partner support, birth doula, etc)

  • What to expect during labor

  • The main hormones of labor

  • Natural ways to bring about labor

  • The stages and phases of labor

  • Cues from the laboring person

  • Positioning of the baby

  • When to go to the birthing location

  • Pain management options

  • Laboring positions and partner support (hands on practice/role playing)

  • Induced Labor

  • Cesarean births

  • What to expect right after baby is born

  • Newborn care procedures

  • What to expect during the first few weeks postpartum


Please dress comfortably because we will practice some hands-on positions and movements. Bring a yoga mat (or towel) and a pillow with you to class! Mother and Birthing Partner included with admission. Once scheduled, class will be administered at The Playful Family, Inc. 

Childbirth Education (Private Appointment)

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